Our Team

Meet Our Senior Team:

Linda Calabrese

Senior Vice President of Operations, Responsive Management Inc.

Email: linda.calabrese@responsivemanagement.ca

Tel: 416-479-4345 ext. 226

Lisa Roth

Lisa Roth

Executive Director

Email: lisa.roth@ansonplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-768-1641 ext. 211

Elizabeth Marinelli

Elizabeth Marinelli

Director of Care

Email: elizabeth.marinelli@ansonplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-768-1641 ext. 216

Meet The Rest Of Our Team:

Melony Cooper

Clinical Director of Care & Infection Prevention and Control Lead

Email: melony.cooper@ansonplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-768-1641


Food Service Manager & Environmental Services Manager

Jessica Barber

Jessica Barber

Business Office Manager

Email: jessica.barber@ansonplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-768-1641 ext. 210

Kelly Grewal

Kelly Grewal

Retirement Manager

Email: kelly.grewal@ansonplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-768-1641 ext. 212

Emilie Swent

Emilie Swent

Programs Manager

Email: emilie.swent@ansonplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-768-1641 ext. 223

Michelle Cook

Michelle Cook

Quality Improvement Coordinator

Email: michelle.cook@ansonplacecarecentre.ca

Tel: 905-768-1641 ext. 215